Mood Boards

I have been looking at this today:

33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places in the World

and feeling sad that it is just pictures.  Each one is a story begging to be told.

There are a few extra pictures on this site:

22 Magical Mysterious Abandoned Places in the World

I used to make “mood boards” when I was in high school, when I wanted inspiration for stories or characters or places.  It was usually a folder filled with magazine clippings like Clinique ads. I guess I liked the earrings or the hairstyles or the dresses and thought I would use them for Princess So-and-So, or when Girl Pirate Blah-Blah sneaks into a coronation. I don’t recall actually using them.  Thinking back, the only thing I really remember is my mom asking me what was I collecting all this stuff for.  In a way that seemed like she thought maybe I was a hoarder.

For this and many other more important reasons (laziness!), I haven’t bothered with mood boards for a long time.  Stuff has lived in my head just fine, thank you. I feel like if I ever need some good inspiration, I will borrow from my friend Kate on Pinterest, because she keeps saving all these cool pictures.  She has good taste.  But a few of these pictures above made me wonder if I shouldn’t start up again. I mean, a few of them look like they would be great in a story about Girl Pirate.

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  1. Christa

    I have looked at tons of ruined places photos when looking for inspiration for my stories. These are awesome!

    There’s something magical about abandoned places – like there are stories in every shadow. Something about how, since there aren’t any current owners, all the stories in your own head are more valid.

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