What’s This?!

I was poking around yesterday, looking for a picture of Iggy Peck, Architect when I found this:

rosie revere


Iggy Peck is a great book and has been a favorite in our house since it arrived last year.  We read it all the time. (You know you have hit on a favorite when your kid can’t even say the title right but keeps on asking for it, over and over.) If I were going to complain about Iggy at all, it would be because he seemed more like an engineer than an architect at the end (I won’t spoil it by saying what he builds) — but I’m not going to complain, really. This seems like a nice solution, devoting a whole book to an engineer. I am very in favor of children’s books about careers and jobs that kids might find interesting. More, please!

Comes out in September! Can’t wait to read it.

And if you have a children’s picture book to recommend that features a cool career, put it in the comments so I can seek it out. Something besides firefighter, train driver, doctor would be much appreciated.

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  1. Iggy Peck, Architect is the, “picture book that started it all” in our house. It is one of our absolute favorites. I am looking forward to this new book! How exciting! Thank you so much for posting about this. I can’t wait.

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