Writing Goals

Writing is hard.

Writing with a kid is maybe ten times harder.

Writing with two kids/babies is, I don’t know, so exponentially hard it is near impossible. I don’t do all that much housework and I employ the TV and still … I could easily be completely worn out, exhausted, mentally dead while also getting absolutely zero writing done.  Sometimes I claim victory if all I did all day was get some food into my stomach.

But I’m tired of this being the way of things. I am tired of thinking of characters and plots and settings only in the 45 seconds when I am in the bathroom (with the door open and light off in a usually unsuccessful attempt to hide my whereabouts). At the beginning of the year, I set the goal to write 12 new stories this year.  I am trying really hard not to call this a new year’s resolution, because we all know that those things never work out.  So, it is just a goal.

The particulars:

1. 12 new stories. But anything counts.  Some of them might be awfully short.

2. Participate in nanowrimo again, even if I think finishing will be impossible. I have done this for the last five years, except for 2012. The gassy baby and the unruly toddler and the general “holy cr*p!”-ness of my life just made me depressed when I started thinking about word counts.  But this year, I am just going to try it out and see what happens with hardly any expectations. I know some people think writing a novel in a month will lead to writing an actual novel and getting it actually published.  Instead, I try to think of it as just a way to get some thoughts out that will be good bones to build on later.  I could probably write a lot more on this.  Let’s just say for now it feels like a good exercise.

3. Follow one story all the way to the end. I am not entirely sure what I mean by this, other than I really want to finish something. “Finish” meaning … a story that I consider to be done, no longer a draft; a story that other people have read; a story that I have edited and fixed up; a story I am sending out for publication.  Publication is where I really fall apart. Sending out query letters is equivalent to sending resumes into a black hole; I hate it.  But I am going to do it.

I currently have drafts for five new stories. Technically, I am on track. Hey, that is a pretty good feeling.

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