Review: Hello, Madagascar!

Hello Madagascar by Christopher Corr.

This book was a gift from our neighbors after their kids enjoyed it for years.  How they kept a board book in such pristine condition, I will never know (our house is where books go to die).

Hello_MadagascarWe love Hello, Madagascar. It features a few interesting, quirky facts about the country alongside pretty and interesting paintings showing regular people going about their day. LOVE. I can’t help but think that this is a extra super wonderful fantastic way to learn about other parts of the world without dissolving into stereotypes. No surprise, maybe, that it was published by UNICEF.  My only beef with UNICEF regarding this book: why isn’t there a book like this for every country?  I would be very tempted to have all of them.

Short enough for a squirmy kid. Interesting enough to read on repeat.

If anyone has other suggestions for books to read to small children about life in other countries, I would love to hear about them.

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