Bye Bye, Baby Pit


One of the previous owners of our house added a room on the back.  It’s something we’ve noticed is surprisingly common in our neighborhood — up and down the street, whenever we get a chance to peek into someone else’s house, we notice this extra room tacked onto the back, usually behind the kitchen.  It’s as if some contractor gave everyone a great deal on additions in the 70’s.  Another thing we have noticed, in our house as well as in other houses around us, these rooms don’t have much function. Just an extra room.

In our house, it is particularly without use.  I like having the space, for sure, but something about the layout, the placement of the windows, the placement of the built-in bookcases, the fireplace — it all adds up to this garage-like area were stuff gets dumped and forgotten about.  We’ve done our best to make it work for us: we moved the dining table down there, for example.  The cupboards are full to the point of overflowing with junk and treasures and things like holiday wrapping paper.  With no garage, no basement, and no attic, we really need whatever extra storage space we can muster.


Beyond that, it has mostly been a baby pit.  The two steps up to the kitchen meant that a crawling baby couldn’t escape.  As long as we loaded it up with toys and kept the dog food swept up, it was a wonderful place to stick the baby during meal prep and when I needed to take a shower.  Or, really, ANYTIME.


No! Not the dog door!

Well.  Someone figured out how to climb the stairs.  And he also figured out how enchanting the dog door is.  Goodbye, me-time.  I guess I will see you again when he starts kindergarten.


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3 responses to “Bye Bye, Baby Pit

  1. Renee @ Mother Daughter Book Reviews

    Omigosh! That is the cutest picture! Look at that smile!! Sometimes I wish I could get someone to come to my house and tell me how best to use my space, kwim? I think the storage issue is pretty common amongst so many families regardless of how much you actually have!

  2. Yes, this baby can seriously pose for pictures. He did that same face no less than three times … I am always trolling pinterest, looking for way to juice up the empty space back there. Best idea so far: roller rink/skatepark when the boys are a little older. I’ll just take out all the furniture, tack up a few cushions on the walls, and let them go for it. Maybe a disco ball, too.

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