Writing at Night

I am not about to wake up early and write. The circus troupe that is my family gets going around 6am so as far as I’m concerned, my day begins early enough. I have gotten up early to write here and there, mostly when I was pregnant and had insomnia. I felt each second tick by … counting down to the moment when everyone would wake up. It was like writing under a deadline–stressful. In the words of my son, “I no like that!”

But I’ve tried writing at night, too, and that comes with its own problems.  I’m tired and cranky. Everyone else is tired and cranky. Small people keep poking me and calling for me and needing things, no matter who else is around to help out.

So last week I attempted to leave the house to do my writing, and it worked out pretty well.  Maybe the key is finding the right spot. I always feel a little funny going into a coffee shop in the evening. I don’t want to eat the muffin that has been sitting there all day and no one appreciates my one lonely order of decaf drip coffee, either. Inevitably they offer to make me a “pour over” cup, which is lovely to drink, except that then they move on to doing other things and forget all about it and then I have to go up and remind them that my coffee is on the part of the counter no one has been using for the last fifteen minutes.  Again, I no like that.

On Tuesday, I found a place that seems to fit the bill.  It has coffee and dessert. And wifi. And beer. So I should be covered no matter what mood I am in when I arrive. I set up some very, very reasonable goals: 30 minutes of working directly on a draft, 30 minutes playing on pinterest. In two nights, I officially accomplished more than I had in the last two months.

[In January, I set a goal to write twelve new stories this year.  Right now, I have drafts going for six stories and ideas for plenty more in the works. I also set a goal to follow at least one story all the way through to the end, wherever that might be.  I am hung up on some legal copyright questions, but I kind of have a plan for getting them answered.  I mean, I have a great plan! Except it requires me to make some phone calls during business hours and I just haven’t gotten that part figured out yet.]

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  1. Christa

    This reminds me of when I’m trying to find time to do anything (exercise, write, clean, plan anything ever). When I talk to people about it they tend to say helpful things like “Well, you just have to make it a priority.” Thanks for the helpful advice, guys! The truth is, making it a priority is not enough – you have to find your version of the magical coffee shop that has coffee and beer and dessert, and squeeze it in where it makes sense to you, and not necessarily to anyone else.

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