Yogurt. Plain Old Yogurt.

I read this blog regularly: It’s Not About Nutrition by Dina Rose.  She calls herself a “feeding expert” and writes about how to raise a healthy kid who is an adventurous eater.  Unlike the experts who show up in parenting magazines and blogs just make us all feel inadequate, she is the real deal. I love her no-nonsense approach to getting kids to eat better foods, try new things, and be healthier in general.


A while back she posted about what we call “kid yogurt” in our house — the little cups of flavored yogurt that my older son will shovel down his throat for every meal.  Some of them have as much sugar in them as soda.  SODA.  And then she pointed me over to Yogurt 101, a series put together by Cindy at Fix Me a Snack.  Cindy developed 101 recipes using plain yogurt.  Things like: Applesauce Yogurt, Chocolate Yogurt, Butterscotch Yogurt.  Things that are pretty tasty.

I knew kid yogurt had a lot of sugar in it, sure.  But until I read through this stuff, I hadn’t actually pulled the trigger on saying goodbye to them completely.  But a few weeks ago, I did it.  No more flavored yogurt.  When Finn ate the last Yo-Kids blueberry packet, I hoped it would be gone forever.

As a replacement, we started out with the recipe for Peanut Butter Yogurt, as peanut butter gets a lot of love in our house.  The recipe from Cindy calls for jelly on top, but I am here to say that if you like peanut butter, it tastes delicious even without it.  Finn liked it, too.

The odd thing about peanut butter is that you can mix it with something else, like yogurt or soy milk or anything else mild and creamy like that, and it doesn’t lose any of its peanut-buttery-ness.  I generally do a mix of 1-to-1.  We make peanut butter “dip” for fruit out of PB and whatever kind of milk we have around and it still tastes just like peanut butter.  The texture is different, a little less sticky, but that is ok by me.

After we tried PB yogurt, we did Applesauce Yogurt, which Finn also liked.  Then came Strawberry Jam Yogurt, another winner.

Finn, like I said, will eat his weight in yogurt if given the chance.  So, as an experiment as I was mixing up bowl after bowl of Strawberry Jam Yogurt, I added less and less jam, to see what was the tipping point.  By the last bowl, I was adding maybe as much as 1/2 teaspoon of jam.  He still thought it was good.

And then today, what a consider a crowning achievement: he saw me eating plain yogurt mixed with some strawberries, and asked for some without anything added to it.  He dipped his own strawberries into the plain, unsweetened yogurt.  And then he asked for seconds.


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2 responses to “Yogurt. Plain Old Yogurt.

  1. Fay

    How wonderful! Thanks for sharing this enlightening story. Have you tried adding crunchy foods to the yogurt? I always liked plain yogurt with granola, but never wanted the calories. Grape Nuts works just as well.

  2. I just recently tried peanut butter in yogurt, and it was great, but I’m not as good as Finn, I add honey. Clearly, I am a bad example for the toddler set.

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