Large Form Peek-a-Boo

The boys made up their own game the other day. It involved Finn crawling around a laundry basket of clothes and then jumping up, yelling “Peek a Boo!” The baby found this hilarious.

large form peekaboo1

Finn hiding

It was almost impossible to get an action shot that wasn’t blurry. They move too fast.

large form peekaboo2

and jumping out

The key to making this game work was twofold. One, you couldn’t “see” through the basket. Two, the baby couldn’t get up there to turn it into a game of chase. Games of chase keep ending in kicking and yelling and freaking out, as it means someone might touch someone else, OMG!

As hard as it is taking care of both of them all the time, this was worth it. Every once in a while, they find a way to entertain themselves.

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