On Pancakes and Sick Kids

When you are stuck in the house all day with a sick child, as I was on Thursday, you could do a lot worse than …


… make a whole bunch of pancakes.  Here’s why:

1. Kids can help make them.

2. If you can’t flip a pancake one-handed while carrying a grumpy child at the beginning of the endeavor, you will have plenty of chances to practice. And once you get it down, you will rightly feel like you have superpowers.

3. You can eat a pancake one-handed while walking around the house, while carrying a sick kid, while doing all the other hundreds of things you have to do when someone doesn’t feel good. Remembering to eat sometimes falls off the list, at least for me.

4. You can make bland ones that will feel ok on a yucky tummy.

5. You can make healthy ones. I made these “carrot cake” ones.

6. You can make peanut butter and jelly ones. It is really easy. Take a regular recipe for pancakes, even a box of mix, and add peanut butter chips. Serve with jelly instead of syrup. DONE.

6. They are cheap.

7. You can freeze them and eat them for days.

8. You can eat them for any meal or every meal.

9. Anyone can eat them, from babies on up.

10. Some children (even my children?) can be a little patient while you work, knowing that you are churning out another good thing to eat every 3-4 minutes.

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  1. Christa

    Pro tip for freezing pancakes: put wax paper between them. It eliminates the frustration of prying them apart, and it’s totally re-usable for the next batch.

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