Moral Dilemma

We have hit a rough patch with books. The baby is going godzilla on them. Often, before I even realize he’s got one in his hands, I hear that horrible sound of ripping paper.

Here is my question: when he’s ripped a library book, what should I do?

I have been taping everything together as best as I can and returning the books without saying anything. Do I need to pay for these? Should I trust that the library will charge me when its appropriate?


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2 responses to “Moral Dilemma

  1. Christa

    General morals correct: tell them.

    Mom of two kids, one of whom is a baby correct: remember the time your kid cried for twenty minutes because the book you checked out was missing the last page, and decide whether you prefer preventing other parents from facing the same problem – or revenge.

  2. Butterfly has started ripping paper too. She especially likes to rip to-do lists.

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