Birthday Disaster – Saved!

I thought I was doing everything right for a 3 year old’s birthday: a lot of planning, a lot of googling and pinning, trying not to go overboard with favors or decorations. I thought I had learned a lot after his other birthdays. For 1 year old, we had it at the house and it was a lot of stuff to prep and clean. So for #2, we went to a park, which was also a lot of stuff to prep, and then throw out on a picnic table 30 seconds before anyone showed up. So for 3, I thought we would have it at the house, and yes, I would have to clean, but then at least I would get to enjoy a clean house for a few days afterward.

Then the party favors I ordered from Amazon arrived and they were broken.

These train whistles are cute. Oh, wait, they don't work.

These train whistles are cute. Oh, wait, they don’t work.

Then Finn came back from visiting his grandparents and threw tantrums for about nine hours in a row because we wouldn’t turn on another episode of Curious George.

curious george 2

George, you are killing me.

Then I woke up on the morning of the party to discover that the food we had prepped the night before had turned kinda brown, kinda black, kinda super gross overnight. I’m still not sure what happened there.

I didn't actually take a picture of the disgusting food. You're welcome.

I didn’t actually take a picture of the disgusting food. You’re welcome.

I hope I wasn’t crazy-rude to everyone who showed up to help. Thanks to my sister and my in-laws, everything was ship-shape and ready by party time. None of the nice trucks got thrown into the sandbox, Finn only ignored his friends for the first half of the party, and the cake was magnificent.

My neighbor brought over this cake from Paige’s Bakehouse. It was yummy.

thomas cake

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  1. What’s up with grandparents and TV? Hudson knows more about the Disney channel than me and we don’t have a TV. Sorry, we didn’t make it! That cake looks amazing and we are big train fans over here. Say happy belated birthday to Finn for us!

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