Spotter’s Guide to Horses and Ponies, One of My Old Favorites

When we were in Minnesota, I found this book on my old bookshelf, Spotter’s Guide to Horses and Ponies.


Looking through the pages brought back a lot of memories. I could even see old marks where I had traced certain pictures of the ponies I wanted most. Yep, I was a little excited about horses as a kid. I would hate to visit my ten-year-old self and tell her that the money she thought she was saving for a horse was really used to buy some car insurance.


I remember reading through the back pages, where it gives details on how to care for a horse, so I would know just what to do when I had one of my own. Reading through it now, I realize how vague the instructions are, how this was a primer for a kid who would probably never have her own horse. But, still, the book gives off a knowing vibe. It doesn’t necessarily talk down to its audience about the different breeds and the history of horses around the world. It made me feel grown up and wise to have a book like this.


I gave it to my niece. I believe she prancercized when she saw it.

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