Paper Trains

When Finn woke up for a nap the other day he was completely inconsolable. He told he me had dreamed of a train. “An orange streamlined train,” he said. I thought maybe he meant this train, which we recently saw on TV.

daylight steam engine

In a lame-mom move, trying to make it all better, I reminded him that he has an orange train named Billy, one of Thomas the Tank Engine’s friends. This was not what he wanted to hear and the tears started down his face fresh. “I want a train with no face!” he shouted.

I can’t remember what I did next (maybe a snack? that is how I solve most of his problems), but about an hour later he brought Billy to me and asked me to cover up his face. “Put paper on him, Mommy,” he said. “Make his face … not.”

So this is a thing now. We have covered all his Thomas trains in paper.

paper trains

At first I thought we would get out markers and decorate them and make new trains, but that was a crazy Pinterest mom idea. He just wants them plain. Maybe then it’s easier to pretend they are anything he wants.


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2 responses to “Paper Trains

  1. Mom aka Grammie

    Maybe he dreamed that they had scary faces.

  2. You guys . . . the Thomas trains DO have scary faces. They have either Happy Face or Stink Face, and the Stink Faces are pretty stinky.

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