Halloween costumes are under construction.

incredbles shirts

I’m not always very … confident, I guess, about my ability to make things-that-are-not-food, but I braved the world of the printable iron-on transfer this year. It is not that hard, I’m happy to report.

Finn and I decided on these Incredibles costumes several weeks ago, but lately I’ve been wondering if the kids wouldn’t be a lot happier if I just dressed them as tacos.

taco donovan

It’s the request every night after bath time, anyway.


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3 responses to “Costumes!

  1. Christa

    We have always gone the “go to Goodwill and pick something” route. It worked particularly well back when Weston was small enough that he didn’t have anything specific he wanted to be. The only time I ever really did anything crafty was the year he wanted to be Dr. Who, and I couldn’t find any inexpensive pint-sized trenchcoats (I shortened the arms on a Goodwill grownup trenchoat). This year we went the order online route, which worked out surprisingly well and was far less expensive than I expected.

    My husband was horrified at all this and told me “It’s not really a Halloween costume unless you make it.” To this I say: ahahahahaha. YOU make it.

    I love your iron-ons – they look great!

  2. Making costumes fills me with dread, to be perfectly honest. One year, they are going to come up with something I cannot make …

  3. That will be a good year for the boys to learn what “DIY” means.

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