Review: Bus Stops for Perfect Picture Book Friday

bus stopsBefore I share my thoughts on Bus Stops by Taro Gomi for Perfect Picture Book Fridays, let me just mention that I had no idea this was the same author as Everybody Poops until I started looking it up. I feel like I need to … erm, air that out. I have never read Everybody Poops. I am sure it is a fine book. I am sure my children would find it hi-larious as they share genes with the people who brought a fart machine to my wedding rehearsal. But if I knew about the connection, I would have prepared by reading Everybody Poops as well. All I can offer, especially if you are having a bad day, is to read the 1 star reviews of Everybody Poops on Amazon. Some of them are hi-larious themselves, at least to me. (Like: “A waste of ink and paper.” I’m pretty sure that pun was unintentional.)

So. Bus Stops. Completely different book.

  • Published by Chronicle Books, 1999
  • Fiction; for ages baby-preschool
  • Themes: transportation
  • Opening: “The bus stops at the beach. An artist steps off.”

Bus Stops follows a charming little bus on its route, from the beach to the city and then out to the suburbs. Every page is a different bus stop where people get on and off. The text points out things to find in the pictures, like a car or someone who missed the bus.  The illustrations are done in water colors; they are bright and cheerful and very expressive. I found it a really fun book to read when my son was small, maybe like 12-18 months.  He loved the pictures. It helped us get through a real squirmy phase.


  • Ride the bus in your town. Even from our house, which is not very far from downtown, the scenery changes quite a bit — from shops to a hospital to a university to skyscrapers.
  • Take a pretend bus ride on the couch. Everyone can practice having their change ready when they get on and making the noises of the bell when they pull the imaginary cord for the next stop.
  • And, of course, sing a few rounds of The Wheels on the Bus.  We like to make up new verses, like “The trains on the bus go choo-choo-choo.” Because, of course they do.

Perfect Picture Book Friday is hosted by Susanna Lenard Hill.  Check out this list of all the Perfect Picture Books. It’s the most comprehensive list I’ve ever seen. Especially if you have, I don’t know, any summer birthdays coming up you need to get presents for.


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7 responses to “Review: Bus Stops for Perfect Picture Book Friday

  1. What a cute book. I know when I was two, my mother took me on a bus for te first time and I was very scared. So, I think this would be a good book for young children. Everything bigger them can be overwhelming. But, it sounds like fun. And, I like the Everybody Poops book — you should consider looking at it too!

  2. Catherine Johnson

    How cute! Bus rides are a great topic for a pb.

  3. This book just proves the talent of this author and opens a door for us to find more great books, despite any negative reactions in the past. That happened to me with another author on the PPBF circuit today. Life, like books, is full of surprises. Thanks. And I love your activities!

  4. Love the man’s work! Always delighted to find another good ‘un!

  5. Cute book. I had a bad experience on a bus, so this would have been good if it had been around back then. 🙂

  6. We inherited a used copy of this book from our neighbor when my first was born and both my boys love-love-loved it!

  7. Nice review. I had not heard of Everyone Poops, but I suppose it’s true. I reviewed her latest Hide and Seek and Wiggle! Now Wiggle! is a good squirmy book for you.

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