Cowboy Boyd and Mighty Calliope

Usually, I put up reviews for books that are kind of old news. This is because they come from the library because the library is free. But today’s review is for a book that is not out yet. Something new! Exciting!

cowboy boydCowboy Boyd and Mighty Calliope is from Lisa Moser, the same author who wrote Railroad Hank. We read Railroad Hank a few months ago and loved it. It had a lot going for it, as it was about a train, but even so it is a charming book that is fun to read aloud. We would say the line “Railroad Hank rubbed his chin” very slowly and rub our own chins at the same time. Finn thought this was hilarious. Cowboy Boyd and Mighty Calliope has a similar feel. Even the illustrations seem related, though they are by a different illustrator.

Synopsis: Cowboy Boyd is a cowboy who rides a rhino instead of a horse. Calliope has trouble doing a lot of the ranching tasks and the other cowboys aren’t sure she will work out, but Cowboy Boyd believes in her. And when it’s time to soothe the cattle after a bad storm, Calliope comes through and saves the day in her own particular Calliope way.

Cowboy Boyd is a fun story. Finn asked to read it over and over again, which is always the sign of a winner. I liked Calliope as a character and would like to see her have more adventures in other books. But I think I liked Railroad Hank better over all.

This book will be available at the end of August.


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2 responses to “Cowboy Boyd and Mighty Calliope

  1. Christa

    But does it have a line you can say together over and over?

  2. Kinda. It tries. But it’s no Railroad Hank. I think Calliope needed a noise she made or something. Tho I don’t know what a rhino is supposed to sound like.
    Man, this sounds like I didn’t even like the book. I did; it’s cute. Finn loved it. We had to stop reading it because it was bathtime, otherwise we might still be reading it.

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